Step by step tutorial

1. Select an image
Drag and drop an image into the leftbox or press “Select” button. In the next window select the image you wish to make transparent.

Transparanto Magic stap1

2. Select edge

Select approximate edge on the image by using Transparanto Magic tool.

Transparanto Magic stap2

3. Mark foreground and background

By using Foreground (green) and Background (red) tools, mark both areas.


4. Convert image

Click “Convert” button to start conversion process. After few seconds transparent image will appear into right box.

Transparanto Magic stap4

5. Download the image 

Use “Download” button to save image. New name will be formatted form original name with additional “transparent” prefix. You’re done!

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Basic example shows how to select edge and mark background and foreground areas.



“Zoomed technique” is very useful for better edge recognition. This video demonstrate how to draw Edge on zoomed image by using space bar for fast switch between Transparanto Magic and Pan/Move tool.



If the edge is not accurate recognized, clear the yellow edge, zoom several times and draw thinner edge.


Magic wand

Magic wand is very useful for white of gradient background removal.